We are your Silver Lining through these golden years

An activity day center for family member(s) with cognitive impairment, where we encourage and engage your family member(s) to partake in the activities offered daily. A healthy menu is provided, tailored to any allergies and special diet needs. There is breakfast and lunch offered with refreshments in the afternoon. Whether you need care all day, half day or need help for an hour or two, we can arrange a schedule that meets your needs. A family interview is most helpful in arranging the perfect plan for your loved ones activities, meal planning and finding their cognitive comfort level.

Each full time family member will have their own storage space for extra clothes and personal items. All staff are CPR certified and have a security alert for immediate medical response. Let us help your loved ones feel at home. Through patience and understanding we can help you through this stage of life. We are your Silver Lining through these golden years.

Full List of Services

  • Personal hair grooming
  • Grocery Service- sign up available
  • Laundry service- sign up available
  • Meal plans
  • Monthly birthday parties
  • Weekly special guests
  • Diverse activities for all levels of cognitive care and dexterity
  • Exercise routine
  • Music
  • Saturday hours by appointment only
  • NEW! Home Care Service!
They may not always remember the care they receive, but you will.