Caregiving is not easy.

At times, it can feel overwhelming. Caring for those you love is a gift, yet not without cost. Time, energy, resources, relationships, and emotions can all feel the strain sometimes.
What do you do when your everyday life needs your time and focus also? When you need to go to that work meeting, see your daughter in her school play, or simply take a moment to grab a cup of coffee and a deep breath?

Your loved one needs supervision and companionship, but who can you trust? Welcome to Silver Linings Golden Memory adult day care.

At Silver Linings Golden Memory, you’ll discover a comfortable home-like environment with compassionate people you can trust to give your loved one the individual care and the dignity they deserve.

While your loved one visits us, you can have the peace of mind that they are being well taken care of, while enjoying companionship and involvement in a myriad of integrated, hands-on activities such as art, cooking, exercise, and music. Our members also enjoy healthy, homemade meals each day – including afternoon mocktails for the young-at-heart!

Our medical experience paired with our compassion and flexibility allows us to provide a safe and family-like atmosphere for our members and their caregivers alike. At Silver Linings Golden Memory Care, we are here to support your whole family while you transition through this time. Have questions or concerns about your loved ones? We are more than happy to be a sounding board for any questions you may have and a safe space for you to be able to talk through your experiences in this new chapter in your loved one’s life. Caring for our members and their caregivers, that’s our mission here at Silver Linings Golden Memory adult day care. We’ve been caregivers ourselves.

Silver Linings Golden Memory adult day care – providing companionship, care, dignity, and peace of mind, so you can take time to care for yourself and your loved ones. Contact us today for a free tour! 


Sara Cook

Sara ​grew ​up ​in ​Poughkeepsie, ​NY ​with ​her ​mother, ​Patricia, ​and ​Grandmother, ​Marie. ​Her Grandmother ​was ​a ​huge ​influence ​in ​choosing ​this ​field. ​Sara ​spent ​every ​summer ​with her ​Grandmother ​at ​the ​Poughkeepsie ​Senior ​Center. ​Her ​Grandmother ​ran ​the ​craft portion ​of ​the ​senior ​center ​for ​over ​20 ​years. ​Sara ​helped ​run ​the ​craft ​tables ​every summer ​and ​school ​break ​till ​she ​was ​15. ​Sara ​moved ​to ​Vestal ​in ​1999 ​​and graduated ​from ​Vestal ​high ​school ​in ​2000. ​She ​then ​went ​on ​to ​BCC ​and ​graduated ​with an ​Associates ​degree ​in ​Applied ​Science ​and ​became ​a ​Certified ​Medical ​Assistant. ​While getting ​her ​degree ​she ​worked ​full ​time, ​was ​married, ​and ​had ​two ​children. ​Sara ​had ​spent 6 ​years ​right ​out ​of ​school ​in ​an ​orthopedic ​office ​in ​Binghamton. ​Most ​recently ​she ​has been ​the ​medical ​assistant ​to ​Dr. ​Colleen ​Crandell ​for ​over ​5 ​years. ​During ​this ​time ​Sara’s Grandmother ​passed ​sudden ​and ​unexpectedly, ​after ​this ​she ​decided ​that ​it ​was ​her mission ​to ​figure ​out ​how ​to ​give ​back ​to ​the ​community ​like ​her ​Grandmother ​did. ​With help ​from ​Sara’s ​Dad ​and ​brothers, ​Abbie ​and ​Sara ​are ​giving ​another ​choice.

Abbie Abbott

Abbie-Jo Abbott was born and raised in Glen Aubrey, NY where she still resides today. Almost all of Abbies immediate family still lives within 10 miles of each other. Family means everything to Abbie- Jo, and keeping the family together is the most important value. With family support, Abbie attended Broome Community College at the age of 18. She then landed her first medical assisting job with a well known Gynecologist in the area for 4 years. Gaining much knowledge in the medical field, but also learning compassion and care for all age groups. Abbie most recently has worked as a medical assistant alongside Sara and Dr. Colleen Crandell for 10 years. Through her many wonderful years in dermatology, Abbie listened to her patients and their families say over and over about their loved ones needing care when they weren’t home. In hopes to avoid nursing home care prematurely the only answer was to create an alternative tailored to the families as expressed over the years at the office. Her goal is to keep families together as long as possible. This opportunity wouldn’t have been made possible without the hard work and shared compassion of Abbie- Jo’s business partner, Sara Cook, and their families support.